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Preparing for Lent 2016


A couple of chants have been selected for Lent 2016 this year, and since we’ll be singing at the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday for the first time in a couple many years, we’ve taken the effort to sieve through what would be appropriate to the celebration while restoring the traditions of our Catholic worship for the Ordinary Form.

Lent – Recessional Chant:
Parce, Domine (sung accapella to accompany the procession of the ministers & celebrant after the dismissal)


Palm Sunday:
Hosanna filio David (sung to accompany the gathering of ministers & the celebrant)
Gloria laus et honour (sung during the procession to the church)
Ingrediente Domino (sung during the entry of the church by the procession)


Maundy Thursday – Mass of the Lord’s Supper:
Mandatum novum (at the washing of feet)
Ubi caritas et armour (at the end of the washing of feet)

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