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Christus Surrexit!

Blessed Easter to all our choristers, members of our parish, our faithful congregation, the religious community and just about everyone! 🙂

Holy Week is the Choristers’ Marathon and the Liturgist’s back-to-back Ultramarathon!

Here’s a throwback to some time in the 8th century with this chant: “Resurrexi”

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In Monte Oliveti: How do we contemplate the Agony in Gethsemane?

The Agony in Gethsemane, when Jesus was praying in that garden at the foot of the Mount of Olives, spiritually and physically wrestling with his Passion that is to come.

My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me. (Matt 26:38)

What is our disposition to praying with Jesus in his agony whose beads of perspiration were akin to beads of blood? Read More…

Hymn: Ah, Holy Jesus

I came across the German hymn tune “Herzliebster Jesu” in one of my organ studies and though it was the first time I’ve encountered this hymn, the English translations lends itself to an intelligent catechism of the Good Friday passion.

If singing the chants provided by the Church is not your cup of tea, you may consider including this as part of the Good Friday music selections. Possibly apt for the period of Adoration of the Cross.

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Holy Week: Help for the Congregation

As the day for the openning of the restored Church of Sts. Peter & Paul draws nearer, there is much excitement among the Catholic community in Singapore.

If you would like to visit the restored national monument on its openning weekend, do come and participate in the Palm Sunday liturgy that has been laboriously prepared to celebrate the beginning of Holy Week.

You may wish to refer to the Missalettes on this site, print them and bring them along for your reference. Limited copies will also be made available for the church visitor. Read More…

10 Steps to Rediscover and Recover

I have been asked on several occasions on where to start the journey of rediscovering the Catholic traditions for the Mass (in the Ordinary Form). And in several conversations with various individuals who sincerely seek to come to terms with accepting the teachings of the Magisterium, very often there is difficulty in letting go the favoured and popular music that have become staple in our Catholic Mass.

Here are possibly (though not exhaustive) 10 topics that have been repeatedly mentioned at length in various formation talks, workshops, seminars that I have attended in the past as well as books and documents that I have had the privilege of reading – all summarized for the eager beaver 🙂

(All sources are from cited bibliography unless otherwise stated.)

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Review – Music: O Lux Beatissima

O Lux Beatissima 1

Some many years ago in 2005, I had innocently picked up the CD “O Lux Beatissima” just so I could learn the Missa de Angelis (Mass VIII). And I only bought the CD just for those 4 tracks (Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus & Agnus Dei). Little did I know, that over the years, I would repeatedly access the tracks that were available on the rest of the album as my knowledge for Gregorian Chant expanded. Read More…

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