Christus Surrexit!

Blessed Easter to all our choristers, members of our parish, our faithful congregation, the religious community and just about everyone! 🙂

Holy Week is the Choristers’ Marathon and the Liturgist’s back-to-back Ultramarathon!

Here’s a throwback to some time in the 8th century with this chant: “Resurrexi”

I have been listening to this genre of Medieval chants for about just about 2 years. What struck me immediately is how the chants were able to communicate the Divine Mystery of Jesus Christ made Man: conception, nativity, ministry, passion, death, and resurrection.

If you would like more information about Ensemble Organum and their Director, Marcel Peres, click here. Their album “Chants de L’Eglise de Rome” is a good entry into the Medieval chants of the Church.

Meanwhile, here are the selections of music accompanying our Masses in April.
SPP Choir Newsletter – April 2016

After listening to Ensemble Organum, it seems whatever hymns we’re singing today is a poor contrived attempt of the supposed depth of our Catholic Liturgy.

Kenneth Wee has been with the SPP Choir since 1999 and is currently serving as the Music Director of the Choir. He conducts the choir most of the time and plays the organ some of the time, while taking care of his two young children all of the time.

About podatus

Kenneth Wee often feels that he is a "jack of couple of trades", but he would gladly trade all of that for being a World Master of one: the Pipe Organ. Or the Jazz piano. Or a Choral Conductor. Or a Photographer. Or an Ultra Trail Marathoner. Or a Chef. Or a Patissier. Or a...

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