New Year, New Goals? Learn the sung traditions of the Church!

Fr. Kenneth Gopal, OCD celebrating Mass at Church of Sts. Peter & Paul Singapore, Easter Sunday, 2016

Dear friends
Over the course of the year, we’ve had the privilege of singing in the newly restored Church of Sts. Peter & Paul. The efforts to restore the sacred beauty of the church continues to inspire us in restoring the beauty of the traditions for sung Mass.

We are inviting interested friends to join us in singing the Saturday 5:30pm Masses at Sts. Peter & Paul.

If you are open to discovering chant, polyphonic motets, praise anthems, and music history, then come & have a private chat with us on either date: Saturday 14 Jan or Saturday 21 Jan (3:30pm – 4:30pm). There will be a simple voice test to discover your voice & singing experience. More information about the choir can be found at (About Us).

Ability to read music (basic understanding of solfege, pitching the notes in a score, awareness of accidentals & rhythm) & previous experience with SYF choirs will certainly be most helpful, but not a pre-requisite.

The music direction will be closely aligned to Church Documents governing Sacred Music for Catholic Liturgical celebrations. You may expect the genre to be in the likes of:

– Gregorian Chant

– Plain Chant

– Polyphonic motets

– Congregational strophic hymns in both Latin & the vernacular

Reading of chant notation and other aspects of music education will be taught as part of our choral program. Quarterly workshops, scheduled one-to-one/two coaching, choral exchange, participation in recitals are also organized to enrich the journey of choristers.

For those interested, please email us your information so we may schedule a time-slot on the two mentioned dates. Our contact information is found in the links above. 

1. Name

2. Mobile

3. Email

4. Choral experience if any

5. Music education if any

Feel free to forward this information to your friends who may be open to being a part of the Sts. Peter & Paul Saturday 5:30pm choir.

Thanks and have a blessed rest of Christmastide. May the reason for the season bring peace to your homes.

About sppchoir

SPP Choir sings at the Saturday 5:30pm Mass at the Church of Sts. Peter & Paul, Singapore. We aim to rediscover and restore the traditions of our Catholic Mass for the Ordinary Form.

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