Ave Regina Caelorum

avereginacaelorumAfter the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord (usually celebrated February 2), the Marian Anthem sung till Easter Vigil is traditionally the Ave Regina Caelorum.

It dates back to Monastic traditions popular from around the 12th century. Herman Contractus (approx. AD 1054) is often suggested as the author although it is not entirely certain. This antiphon is one of the traditional concluding antiphons for Compline.

In English:

Hail, Queen of heaven,
hail Lady of the angels.
Hail root and gate from which the Light of the world was born.

Rejoice glorious Virgin, fairest of all.
Fare thee well, most beautiful, and pray for us to Christ.

Download the Ave Regina Caelorum chant sheet here.

About sppchoir

SPP Choir sings at the Saturday 5:30pm Mass at the Church of Sts. Peter & Paul, Singapore. We aim to rediscover and restore the traditions of our Catholic Mass for the Ordinary Form.

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