What Christmas Carolling Taught Us

05 Goodwood

25 December, Christmas Day: SPP Choir @ Goodwood Park Hotel

It had been a hectic carolling schedule for the choir, and we loved it! The last time the choir had carolling engagements with commercial organisations was at least 20 years ago. And with the cycle of the life of choirs, changing music directors, the ups & downs of enthusiasm (or lack of)… the choir finally pulled together since 2016 and created the experience of sharing their repertoire with the public!

9th December: Catholic Business Network

10th December: St. Vincent de Paul Society (Sts. Peter & Paul community)

23rd December: Assisi Hospice

24th December: Goodwood Park Lobby Reception (Christmas Eve dinner crowd)

25th December: Goodwood Park Rosemary Suite (private Christmas reception) & Lobby  (Christmas Day lunch crowd)

Our appreciations and gratitude to the various organizations who gave us the opportunity to share our choir’s work with you and your community.

While we have each learnt many things from the entire experience, the greatest takeaway is that there are people who may find themselves displaced from loved ones, or from God – and for whom our songs reach out to, to renew their hope in the season.

Here’s a business traveller who came in on the night of Christmas Eve while we were singing our first set at the Goodwood Park Hotel. The carols gave her a sense of home, family, and the Spirit of Christmas, and she came back again to hear us for the second set! We had a most meaningful and fulfilling conversation with her after.

So carry on singing, my friends… for we never know whom our songs will touch and speak to.


About sppchoir

SPP Choir sings at the Saturday 5:30pm Mass at the Church of Sts. Peter & Paul, Singapore. We aim to rediscover and restore the traditions of our Catholic Mass for the Ordinary Form.

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