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Head of the Parish Liturgy Committee gets Married!

The choristers having a blast at the Lunch Party of the Newly Weds.

When the wedding of the Head of the Parish Liturgy Committee coincides with the Feast Day of the Parish… that’s one major double-happiness event on the calendar for the parish.

Alex has been a dedicated servant of the parish: being involved since his young childhood as an Altar Server, then moving on to lead the Altar Servers, being involved as a youth leader in the parish with the Arise! Youth Ministry, leading classes as a catechist, organizing church camps and formation programs, gradually invited to serve in the Archdiocesan Liturgy Commission, and in 2013 leading the Parish Liturgy Committee.

We were very honored to have been invited by him and his wife to assist in the music for the Eucharistic Celebration on the morning of 29th June 2019 at the Parish of Sts. Peter & Paul. Teaming up with various stringed musicians to provide a chamber ensemble (under the leadership of well-esteemed Dr. Aloysius Leong), the choir employed repertoire spanning from Gregorian Chant [for the Ordinaries & Propers of the Mass] to hymn anthem orchestral compositions of “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” [Joseph M. Martin] and “Then Sings My Soul (How Great Thou Art)” [McDonald/Lawrence].

We wish Alex and Kelly a blessed journey in marriage, to build a loving family, and grow as an inspiration to other couples.

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