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Gospel Acclamation Verses (Polyphony)


Here’s a polyphony verse setting for the Gospel Acclamation.
(PDF Score)

Text set to Holy Trinity Sunday and Corpus Christi.

Feel free to let us know if this worked for you and your choir 🙂

Have a blessed season of Ordinary Time.

Kenneth Wee has been with the SPP Choir since 1999 and is currently serving as the Music Director of the Choir. He conducts the choir most of the time and plays the organ some of the time, while taking care of his two young children all of the time.

Review – Music: O Lux Beatissima

O Lux Beatissima 1

Some many years ago in 2005, I had innocently picked up the CD “O Lux Beatissima” just so I could learn the Missa de Angelis (Mass VIII). And I only bought the CD just for those 4 tracks (Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus & Agnus Dei). Little did I know, that over the years, I would repeatedly access the tracks that were available on the rest of the album as my knowledge for Gregorian Chant expanded. Read More…

The Essential Catholic Repertoire

JubilateDeo-BookletIn April 1974 Pope Paul VI sent to every bishop in the world a booklet of some of the simplest selections of Gregorian Chant, much of it drawn from the Graduale Romanum & the Liber Usualis. This booklet, called Jubilate Deo, was intended as a “minimum repertoire of Gregorian chant”. It is, in other words, an official Latin “core repertoire” for the Roman Rite.

It was prepared to assist the choirs and the congregations with familiar and accessible music that would not require much training or competency to sing at the Mass. It also helps to underscore the primacy of Gregorian chant being a staple for the Mass – especially if 1974 would be a time since the liturgical reforms of Vatican 2, that the Novus Ordo would have been introduced to incorporate the verncaular. Read More…

Mass VIII (de Angelis) – English adaptation


We’ll be using the English adaptation for Mass VIII from the Graduale Romanum.

You may download and use this leaflet to assist you in following the Ordinaries of the Mass during the period of Christmastide right until Lent begins in 2016.

Missalette – Mass VIII – English Adaptation

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