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AGM 2018: Giving Thanks


The choir just concluded the Annual General Meeting 2018 today, followed by dinner after the usual Saturday evening Mass.

One of the most striking thing that came up, was how much (and how fast) the choir had grown. At the end of 2016, we had only about 16 members. And now, in February 2018, we have about 40 choristers! Amazing! We are indeed grateful to God for his kind providence.

Already 2018 is looking to be another meaningfully occupied year. We already have a few performance engagements and collaborations, some key liturgies throughout the year, the annual choral workshop in May, plus a possible choral exchange! We’re looking forward! 🙂

Sacerdotal Ordinations and Anniversaries: 5 Reasons to celebrate

josephratzinger-youngI was delighted to find a video of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) being ordained into the priesthood on 29th June 1951 (coincidentally, Solemnity of Sts. Peter & Paul). The accompanying chant in the video: the “Te Deum”.

The priestly ordination, is like a marriage. The person marries into the Church, just as Christ takes the Church as his bride. Often, the church is filled with religious communities, brother priests, seminarians and aspirants, family members, friends, community representatives, sometimes government representatives, and the parish community. Why is it such a highly celebrated affair? Why is it that throngs would flock to a priestly ordination whether one knows the person being ordained or not? Why should we celebrate their anniversaries with equal effort to how we celebrate our marriage anniversaries?

We list a few reasons that may encourage us to be more charitable to the priests who serve us as we congratulate them on their Sacerdotal Ordination or Anniversary (they may be without friends or community who may remember their anniversary or who wish to celebrate it with equal enthusiasm), or as we encourage those who are still undergoing formation to be ordained. Read More…

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