Music for the Mass

In the following pages, you will find links to videos and where available, sheet music to help you with the music that accompanies the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Various documents of the Church concerning music in the liturgy often recommend Gregorian Chant as the primary repertoire as it is written for the Rites of the Mass, in the same way that you find scripture arranged for the Liturgy of the Word throughout the liturgical year. This is often known as “Singing the Propers”, or “Singing the Mass”.

Hymns are tolerated insofar for communities which lack the competency to sing the Propers, or for mission communities where cultural adaptation is still a process in catechizing the Mass to the local community. However, these communities are encouraged to develop and progress the learning of the traditions and heritage of Gregorian Chants as these are the rightful accompaniments for the Rites and actions to accompany the Holy Sacrifice.

For more information on the directives of the Magisterium on Music for the Liturgy, click here.

If you would like to recover the traditions of the repertoire for Singing the Mass in Latin, click here (this is for the Mass in Ordinary Form).

If you would like to recover the traditions of the repertoire for Singing the Mass in the Vernacular (English), please be patient with us as we are still building this page.

If you would like to look for material to instead sing something at the Mass (Hymns in English), click here.

The pages above are still works-in-progress and changes will continuously be made to update and/or revise the content. Thank you for bearing with us.

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